About Us

The idea for the LONDONPOP BOX came about in January 2017 as an exciting addition to our original service Quaintly & Co. We began sending British themed gift packages to long distance family members who had emigrated from the UK and were missing home. We began to hear from their international friends who admired the UK and wanted to receive gifts too. We thought back to our time living outside of the Uk and realised that this could be a very special and unique gift for British expats and UK lovers around the world!

We are a small UK based company of Londoners with a passion for travelling, learning and discovery! We began Quaintly & Co in August 2016 with a subscription box service of ‘Uniquely British’ lifestyle gifts. Being based in this beautiful historic city that is admired throughout the world, a London focused box of gifts was sure to follow!

Each month we will help you to explore the unique, historical and popular features of a new London location or theme. We’ll share our favourite spots, photos, discoveries and top travel tips as we tour the city- and send you a limited edition box of LondonPop goodies to keep along the way.

We have worked passionately every month and built a great 5* reputation for delivering only the most authentic, high quality and unique gifts for our current members. You can expect the very same level of love and attention in every LondonPop tour box that we send out. We can’t wait to have your join us for the journey… Are you ready?

Join us on the LondonPop tour!