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Sent with LOVE from LONDON!

Join us each month for a unique tour of London. For each surprise theme you will receive a custom box of London goodies. Each box will have up to 4 items. Our team will bring you high quality, unique products that you will love and cherish.

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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge inspiration in a box and all things in between!

Hyde Park

The first of London's Parks to feature in our gift box tour.

London Pubs

A tour of some of London's most historic pubs and their surrounding areas- We're looking forward to this one!

Christmas in London

Can't make it to London for Christmas? Then the LondonPop Box Christmas Edition will be an extra special treat.

The Crown

A much loved symbol of London and our company icon.

Big Ben

Obviously! How could we possibly miss this amazing landmark for our first year of the LondonPop Box.

Covent Garden

This central London market and shopping experience is a highlight for any London tour.

London Skyline

All of the London landmarks that make up our beloved skyline- all wrapped up in a box of gifts for you.

St. Pauls

We'll explore the beauty and history of St. Paul's Cathedral central London.

London Tearooms

Forget The Ritz... (for now). This theme will highlight London's cutest tearooms that you must see!

Mind The Gap

Add some cute high quality London Underground swag to your collection.


Trafalgar Square

A historic, architectural and cultural tour of this London city square.